September 26, 2023

Another Face Saving 


Monrovia, Liberia – The 12 men panel jury and Criminal Court ‘C’ Judge, A. Blamo Dixon have been charged with being biased in the $100 million cocaine case by Minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean.

The four defendants, who were accused of money laundering, illegal possession of controlled substances, unlicensed importation of controlled substances, and criminal conspiracy, were found not guilty by a 12-man panel jury on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

According to Liberi Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean Jr., the verdict undercuts Liberia’s and its international coalition’s attempts to stop the unlawful transit of drugs via West Africa, which is used as a route for international drug trade from Latin America and other regions.

Is the government to blame for losing the $100 million cocaine case because of the judge and jury, many Liberians answered yes during Reports231 special interviews on the streets of Monrovia.

In October of last year, the Joint Security of Liberia was able to recover a massive shipment of 520 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of about $100 million with the help of international security partnership comprising Brazilian and American authorities.

The duty to indict people who are allegedly committing a crime falls to the Ministry of Justice through its Minister. The justice ministry of the Liberian government chose to exclude one of the key suspects, the consignor in the $100 million cocaine case, from further investigation.

However, the Liberian government purposefully omitted TRH Trading Corporation from the indictment and instead indicted four people in connection with the 100 million worth of drugs. TRH Trading Corporation was the consignee of the container that brought the drugs into the country.

Minister Dean claims that the decision undercuts Liberia’s and its international coalition’s efforts to stop the unlawful transit of drugs via West Africa, which are being trafficked globally from Latin America and other regions.

This state is highly amusing Minister Dean said. The four defendants were accused of Money Laundering, Criminal Conspiracy, Unlicensed Possession of Controlled Drugs, and Unlicensed Importation of Controlled Drugs. Where these charges applicable to the four defendants, a million dollars questions that need to be answer with consciousness.

The key questions asked was, whose possession was the 520kg of cocaine found? The answer is, TRH. Where TRH brought to court to answer questions? No. 

Unlicensed importation of controlled drugs. The TRH Trading Corporation was the importer or consignee of the container that contained the $US 100 million cocaine. Should the charge of Unlicensed importation of controlled drugs hold the four defendants? This is a question that we all need to answer.

”The efforts of this government to crack down on illegal necrotic were weakened. The Liberian government gave the impression that it was fighting against illegal drugs through the Ministry of Justice, but this was not the case. According to reports, port security does not physically check the TRH Trading Corporation when it arrives at the Monrovia free port.”

It was noted that the Global Maritime Tracking Solution had provided the authorities a heads-up that the container containing the $100 million worth of cocaine was about to be physically inspected. However, the Liberian administration chose to ignore this early warning.

In one of these routine press appearances, Customs Broker Association President James Hinneh said that TRH is receiving special treatment at the free port of Monrovia.

Reported by: G. Richards Watson

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