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Monrovia, Liberia – The Movement for One Liberia (MOL) political Leader Macdella Cooper on Friday May, 26, 2023 endorsed Boakai- Koung (Unity Party ) Ticket ahead of October crucial Presidential Election as she described herself as RESCUE aunty.

Speaking at the event yesterday in Monrovia, Madam Cooper said the party’s desire to support the Unity Party was motivated by the suffering of the Liberian people and the dearth of employment prospects for people nationwide.

he added that unless citizens change the current governance system Liberian will never experience real development; noting that those who have excel to higher position in the country have not put country first instead, they have put their Individual interest ahead of national interest.

“We, the common people, collectively have more power than those in authority. The need for genuine change has never been greater; the current administration is ineffective and has contributed to the country’s population’s poverty without even realizing it. The current form of government is ineffective because it primarily serves those in positions of power and because it permits these individuals to squander resources for their own gain while enjoying impunity. Because it is a system that allows public servants to compete for honorable titles without having honorable character, it is a failure.”

The Movement for One Liberia’s political head claimed that parents all around the country struggle to bring their children to school. Even though slavery was abolished many years ago, she said, many in power continue to claim to be the new slave masters.

MOL Cooper claims that the CDC leadership has refused to take notes or learn from its mistakes. She said, the end to bad governance structure is now.

For his part, former VP Boakai Lauded partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and political Leaders for abandoning their political quest in the interest of the country. The UP standard Brearer maintained that he will stand to champion the cause of the Liberian people along with others on the rescue mission.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
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