February 21, 2024

LCC Launches Civic Initiative for Peaceful Elections

Monrovia, Liberia – Faith-based and civil society organizations have vowed not to be impassive while some dishonest politicians attempt to rig the country’s 2023 presidential and legislature elections.

This is important, according to LCC President Reverend Doctor Samuel Reeves, because politicians already disobey the Farmington River Declaration, which is meant to be used as a benchmark for holding elections without bloodshed in the nation.

Reverend Reeves delivered the remarks at the framework document’s official launch, which was held in Monrovia and was sponsored by the National Civil Society Council of Liberia, the Inter Religious Council of Liberia, and the Liberia Council of Churches.

He claims that it appears as though nothing is occurring and that no one is in authority; as a result, anyone can act without consequence, and this has been the culture for the past few years.

The civic initiative for peaceful elections is intended to create a framework document that the faith-based and civil society organizations will use to monitor the activities of political parties and their supporters, according to Reverend Christopher Toe, Secretary General of the LCC, who made the pronouncement earlier.

Reverend Toe claimed that the effort supported by the Tear Fund and the Liberia Council of Churches will work to host discussions, raise awareness, and monitor political speeches in order to prevent friction, promote peace, and allow politicians to address topics rather than individuals.

The CIPE framework document will eventually contribute to the development, strengthening of relationships, and trust with the aim of promoting mutual understanding, knowledge sharing, and exchange on matters pertaining to elections and democracy. The paper will boost advocacy for an open and accountable justice system that promotes good governance and the rule of law, according to the LCC Secretary General.

The document will also give faith-based and civil society organizations a platform to interact with national and international stakeholders on electoral issues and to use their expertise and resources to combat violence, corruption, and injustice, Reverend Toe concluded.

In a related development, Accountability Lab, a pro-democracy NGO, is anticipated to host a summit of all political parties and lawmakers to create a framework paper on how to organize violence-free elections in Liberia. Political accountability, according to the lab’s Executive Director Lawrence Yealue, is essential in the current campaign climate because politicians have started spreading false information and taking personal shots at one another.

Yealue urged the pastors and imams to utilize their sermons in the mosques and churches as a way to warn politicians about inciting violence in the nation.

The National Civil Society Council of Liberia’s Chairperson, Loretta Pope-Kai, stated in remarks that the cooperation between religious organizations and CSOs in advocating for the holding of violence-free elections is not a mistake.

Approximately 18 FBOs and CSOs from Monrovia and other regions of the country attended the launching ceremony, which was funded by Tear Fund.

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