September 25, 2023

53.38 Carats Diamond Controversy seems unending


Monrovia, Liberia – The Gold and Diamond Brokers Association of Liberia has denied allegations made by some local media that some of its members are attempting to illegally seize the diamond that was found in Clan Nine, Gbarpolu County, fueling an ongoing controversy over the finding of a 53.38 carat diamond.
On Thursday, June 8, 2023, local media outlets reported that Assistant minister of Mines and Energy, Emmanuel Swen had transferred the diamond to some association members in violation of the law.

The aforementioned diamond was discovered in Count 12 F Survey, Smith Town Gbarma Mining District, Gbarpolu County, according to local media, Freedom FM, and the New Democrat.

The association’s vice president, Manjue Kamara, declared the stories published by various media outlets on Thursday night were all untrue while speaking at a news conference in Monrovia. He claimed that Mohamed Kamara, the 52-year-old man who discovered the diamond, was paid for the diamond and signed all document.

He said although count 12 was not brought up as a concern, Ma Fatu and Abraham Kunde complain to the Ministry of Mines and Energy about count nine on the basis that it was located in their region and asked to be included in the deal. They were reportedly unable to demonstrate that the diamond was located in their count despite two days of examination and the presence of six witnesses.

This background and the applicable mining law led Assistant Minister Emmanuel Swen to the conclusion that the diamond in question cannot be connected to claim 9 as stated by Ma fatu and Kunde.

In accordance with the minister’s decision, Mohamed and Isiaka Konneh of Baku transacted the 52-year-old man obtaining USD$90,000 and a compound with two duplexes worth more over USD$100,000 USD.

Isiaka Konneh was brought before the Supreme Court after a month by Ma Fatu and Kunde, however they were unsuccessful after evaluating the evidence from both sides. A protest was staged at the president’s home a day after the Supreme Court’s ruling by said parties.

The diamond saga claimed the attention of President George Weah, he called on all relevant authorities to investigate the case including the justice ministry.

As part of a Justice Ministry inquiry, a team of investigators from the Liberia National Police, the National Security Service, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Liberia National Fire Service visited Smith Twon and Weasua, Gbarpolu County, on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

The justice ministry and joint security are yet to come out with their findings and ruling.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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