September 25, 2023

Grand Cape Mount County’s Gold Camp, Gola Konneh District supports President George Weah’s bid for second term.

Gold Camp, Gola Konneh District – President George Weah has received the support of thousands of inhabitants of Gold Camp, Golakonneh District in Grand Cape Mount County for a second term. The women, youths and elders said they will campaign for the Coalition for Democratic Change because of the many works President Weah has done for the country.

At an endorsement ceremony held by the Mutasha Women Association in Gold Camp, Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County, the locals expressed their support for President Weah’s candidacy for a second term. Despite the large population in the town and the massive amount of gold being mined by Bea Mining Company nearby, they criticized the lack of a clinic to meet the medical needs of the large number of people and the lack of teachers at the primary school.

The residents complained that all their children working with the Bea Mountain Gold Mining Company has been on contract since the inception of the company, which is complete violation of the labor Laws in the country. In appreciation for Minister Wesseh Blamo’s visit to the town the first by a high-ranking government official in many years the elders then gave him a symbolic key to the area.

In response to the endorsement, Wesseh Blamo, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, assured the residents of Gold Camp, Golakoneh District, and Grand Cape Mount County that he will inform the government of the lack of a clinic in Gold Camp and the lack of teachers at the only elementary school despite the operation of Bea Mountain in the region.

He noted that because the administration was unaware of the current circumstances, the complaints of the residents of Gold Camp in the fields of health and education would be treated seriously.

Minister Blamo encouraged members of the Mutasha Women Association to continue to spread the development agenda of President George Weah in other parts of the country. Mr. Blamo thanked the residents for endorsing President Weah for the second term in the 2023 polls.

Minister Blamo gave the locals the assurance that President Weah would return to them at some point as a thank you for their support of him in the upcoming elections in Liberia in October. A sizable crowd attended the program, which was conducted at the Gold Camp Soccer Pitch, comprising chiefs, traditional leaders, youth and women’s groups, among many others.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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