September 25, 2023

EU Host 11 European Union Dialogue in Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia – The European Union delegation in Liberia has held its 11th EU-Liberia Dialogue in Congo Town, Montserrado County along with the Liberian government and partners. Speaking at the ceremony, Liberia’s Foreign Minister, Dee Maxwell Kemayah reaffirmed Liberia’s support on the margin of the 11th edition of the EU-Liberia Partnership Dialogue, formerly known as the Political Dialogue.

Assuring the EU Delegation to Liberia that the 2023 Farmington declaration is a signal to a peaceful electoral process, Minister Kemayah, who co-chaired the discussion, stated that Liberia is committed to holding peaceful and transparent elections.

According to the Foreign Minister, the exchange program is taking place in the context of the 50th anniversary of relations between the EU and Liberia.

He reaffirmed that Liberia would take all necessary precautions to safeguard the specific topics raised during the deliberation, including human rights, foreign policy, and peaceful elections of shared interest.

European Union head of delegation to Liberia, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse praised the Weah government for efforts made in order to uphold its commitments under international human rights law to obey all human rights protocols.

The head of the EU stated that Liberia can and should make better use of its abundant natural resources as well as the abilities, resourcefulness, and commitment of its people. The development of the Liberian economy’s private sector is something that Europe and its businesses are committed to assisting with, the EU Ambassador noted.

”The EU and its Member States are prepared to assist the new government of Liberia’s development plan that will emerge from the elections, just as we have been ardent supporters of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.”

He expressed concern over the rapid rate of deforestation in Liberia’s forests, on behalf of EU member states. The EU emphasized that Team Europe is still dedicated to supporting the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) as a reliable means of assisting the Liberian people.

Issues discussed at the dialogue include human rights, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation and the abolition of the Death Penalty. Liberia elections come October 10, 2023, EU bilateral cooperation with Liberia, Foreign Policy cooperation, business and investment, passports, and visas. The Ellen Johnson Ministerial Complex in Congo Town served as the venue for the program.

The 11th Partnership Dialogue was in the context of the 50th Anniversary of EU-Liberia relations. In 1973, the Commission of the European Economic Community established its first office in Liberia, which has since been upgraded to a full diplomatic mission, the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Liberia.

The tenth Policy Dialogue was held on May 20, 2022, by the EU delegation and the Liberian government to review the portfolio of EU programs in Liberia and support the successful implementation of the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) for the benefit of Liberians.

Reported by: Caroline Gensee

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