February 25, 2024

Joint security investigates 26-year-old man and girlfriend for possessing 98 rounds of AK47 raffles

Ganta, Nimba County – A 26-year-old man and his fiancé are being investigated by joint security at the Ganta-Guinea border for having two magazines with a total of 39 rounds in each and 98 rounds of AK47 ammunition.

They consist of 98 AK-47 raffle rounds, including two magazines with 39 rounds each and 38 extra rounds. While crossing the border from Guinea to Liberia, suspect Richard Kollie and his unidentified girlfriend were searched and found to be in possession of the alleged ammunition.

Suspect Kollie is a generator mechanic who originally lived in Ganta but left Ganta City for a while and is now a resident of Boyz Town in Margibi County, though it is unknown why he would travel with the massive rounds.

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