December 6, 2023

Bassa Receives Three Water Powerhouse


Grand Bassa County – The Liberian government and the Turkish DIYANET Foundation have donated three modern, safe drinking water purification systems to Grand Bassa County. The water machine power houses were dedicated on Tuesday, July 6, 2023, by Ousman T. Jalloh, the Religious Advisor on Islamic Affairs to President George Manneh Weah, Eddie Levi Williams, the recently appointed Grand Bassa County Superintendent, and the group from the Turkish DIYANET Foundation.

Advisor Jalloh, speaking on behalf of the Liberian government, stated that the Weah administration’s plan for ensuring that the country’s residents have access to clean drinking water is to provide localities with high-quality water supplies. He notes that the project is being funded by the Turkish DIYANET Foundation and that each of the new water facilities costs USD$15,000.

According to Advisor Jalloh, those who have long struggled to acquire access to safe and clean drinking water would find consolation from the innovative water treatment plant. Jalloh emphasized that all county inhabitants will benefit from the water project, regardless of their political or religious allegiance.

Eddie Levi Williams, the newly appointed Grand Bassa County Superintendent, expressed gratitude to Advisor Jalloh and the Turkish DIYANET Foundation for their kindness toward the Bassa community during the dedication event. He claimd that, particularly in the areas where the water treatment facilities are located, the residents of Bassa have long been without access to clean drinking water.

He added that the waterpower plant will save a lot of the people in the county. Mr. Williams noted that the lifesaving water system is a proud to the people of Bassa. He pleaded with the Turkish DIYANET Foundation to add 10 more units due to the largeness of the county. Williams at the same time pleaded for scholarships for brilliant but needed students in the county. He praised the Weah government and Advisor for contacting the Turkish DIYANET Foundation for such waterpower plant.

Burak Ince, the supervisor of the Turkey DIYANET Foundation, and Abdou Latif Morou, a representative of the project’s implementers, emphasized their intention to assist Liberians with the water units in separate speeches. They said, Advisor Jalloh and the Liberian government were responsible for getting them motivated to aid Liberia.

The donar pleaded with the residents of Bassa to keep the units in working order since it will be of great assistance to them. They stated that regular upkeep of the units and thorough cleaning of the area will help the plants endure a long time.

Ayouba Kamara, Chairperson of the Muslim Community, spoke on behalf of the residents of Bassa and thanked the donors for the units. He claimed that having such a water delivery unit is lifesaving for the inhabitants of Bassa.

The water powerhouse contains a solar panel system to help power the water into the poly tank for distribution. it also contains a machine to power the water from the well.

BIA community of 10,000 residents, Gunnigar Town with over 12,000 residents and Big Joe Town with over 10,000 residents all received the water supply units in Grand Bassa Count.

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