September 25, 2023

State Prosecutors Defies Judge Willie’s Order to Produce Material and Physical Evidence in Cllr. Scott Murder Case

Capitol Hill, Monrovia – Lawyers representing the legal interest of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott have filed a bill of information before the Judge of Criminal Court ‘A’ Roosevelt Willie following his ruling in their motion for discovery.

The bill of information was triggered after the ruling of Judge Willie on July 4, 2023, ordering government lawyers to produce the species of evidence it relied upon to indict Cllr. Scott and her family.

The state’s prosecutors were required by Judge Willie Tuesday’s ruling to turn over all forms of physical and documentary evidence that were used to indict Cllr. Scott and others, but they have failed and neglected to do so.

Criminal Court A judge ordered that government prosecutors risk facing legal consequences if they fail to turn over the material and physical evidence that the Montserrado Grand Jury used to prosecute Cllr. Scott.

Attorneys for Cllr. Scott stated in their bill of information that it appears clear from all indications that the state prosecutors lack the evidence or may not have used any evidence that resulted in the indictment of Cllr. Scott and three other people.

Reported by: G. Watson Richards

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