December 9, 2023

Council of Patriots expels Henry Costa


Monrovia, Liberia – In order to punish Henry Costa for soliciting bribes and other misbehavior, the Council of Patriots’ leadership has expelled him for the organization. The disciplinary committee of the COP made its judgment after extensive observation and inquiry, according to a letter of expulsion issued by Secretary General Joseph Vallai.

In the statement, it is noted that the investigation found that Costa’s participation in soliciting bribes and participating in misconduct constitutes a grave violation of the organization’s code of conduct and ethical standards.

The investigation, according to the letter of expulsion, turned up a lot of proof that Costa had been seeking payments from people or organizations in exchange for political favors, unfair advantages, or the tampering with organizational procedures.

Secretary General Joseph Vallai in an interview said the committee invited Costa to hear his side of the alligation but refuse several times, leaving the committee with no option but to use the alligation again him Costa.

The Council of Patriots expelled Henry Costa for acts of bribery and misconduct less than 24 hours after he revealed private conversations between him and Joseph Boakai, the standard bearer for the United Party. The secretary general threatens that anyone doing business with Costa is at their own risk.

The talk show host who later became a politician has allegedly engaged in dishonest, blackmailing behavior. He came under fire for reportedly accepting funding for the second-largest protest in Liberia following the one on June 7, 2018, which occurred just around the time the CDC government assumed power.

Meanwhile, the Council of Patriots-CoP Youth Wing denounces the recent remarks made on social media about their Chairman, Henry P. Costa, by the Council of Patriots’ Secretary General.

The organization made notice of how the Secretary-General had drawn attention to himself by posting a defamatory remark on his Facebook page, falsely stating that Chairman Costa had been ejected from the Council of Patriots in an act of unprofessionalism and disdain for common decency. The claim is refuted, and it is made clear that Costa is still a valued and important part of the group.

”The Council of Patriots is committed to upholding the principles of integrity, respect, and transparency. We believe in promoting constructive dialogue, fostering a sense of unity among patriots, and working towards the betterment of our nation. Such actions by the Secretary General Joseph k Vallai not only undermine these principles but also tarnish the reputation of our organization as a whole. We urge the Secretary General to retract his statement immediately and issue a public apology to Mr. Costa for the unwarranted attack on his character. It is essential that individuals in positions of leadership conduct themselves with professionalism and adhere to its ethical standards.”

The Council of Patriots-CoP Youth Wing was posted on the official social media (Facebook page) hours after the secretary General posted on his official Facebook platform.

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