February 22, 2024

PYJ accuses President Weah of robbing Liberians

Nimba County – President Weah has been accused of stealing from the Liberian people over the past five years, according to controversial Nimba Senator Prince Johnson, which he said justifies complete rejection as Liberians prepare for the October 10, 2023, elections in Liberia.

Senator Prince Johnson made a statement during former vice president Boakai’s visit to the county, accusing President George Weah of stealing the hard-earned money of Liberians and depleting the county’s resources, raising concerns about the dire consequences the county’s citizens would experience.

President George Weah’s government has faced harsh criticism and backlash during its first term. Questions have been raised regarding the use of public funds and the administration’s lack of success in combating pressing issues like illicit drugs, poverty, education, and healthcare. Senator Johnson’s accusations have added fuel to the fire and raised the degree of interest in President Weah’s reelection.

The former warlord, who is well known for taking an outspoken position in Liberian politics, expressed sincere remorse for having backed President Weah in the 2017 election, citing Vice President Jewel Haward-Taylor’s unexpected attack at a church service as the turning point.

He is adamant that the Vice President, who allegedly assaulted him by sending her boys during a church service, holds the key to the issues afflicting Liberia under President Weah’s leadership. Only Amb. Joseph Boakai, according to Senator Johnson, has the answer to the issues brought on by the Weah administration. Senator Johnson urged all Nimbians to vote in the upcoming elections on October 10 to kick the Weah government out.

The former warlord expressed his dissatisfaction and stressed the need of backing authorities who put the welfare of the populace first and support accountability in government. He advised his fellow citizens to carefully evaluate the implications of their votes and pick a person like Amb. Joseph Boakai, who in his current opinion is capable of leading the nation towards progress and prosperity.

Reported by: Andrew C. Johnson

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