February 25, 2024

WAEC Head Cautions Examiners against Compromising Validity


Monrovia, Liberia – The marking of the 2023 WASSCE exams got underway on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, with over a thousand examiners. The objective part of the marking process has already finished according to the institution. The marking of the examination papers is expected to end on August 10, 2023, WAEC said.

The Head of WAEC-Liberia, Dale Gbotoe, advised the examiners to be committed, focused, and complete the process in a professional style and format during the National Coordination Meeting, which marked the start of the marking process.

The Liberian educator emphasized that anyone who discredits WAEC’s efforts is an enemy of the State. He urged examiners to avoid compromising validity at the expense of society at large. He contends that the threat of legitimacy is a harm to society at large.

“If you give students undeserved marks, you are compromising validity and will be harming the society.”

In his remarks on political concerns, he revealed that WAEC is unhealthy politically and he encouraged examiners to put all political activities on hold as they do a vital national responsibility. “Even though the political season is in full swing, and the atmosphere is tense, I challenged you to focus on your work for the time being and stay out of politics.”

At the same time, Mr. Gbotoe praised the Liberian government for regularly paying students’ WASSCE fees and revealed that 99% of this year’s exam fees had already been paid. The Liberian educator divided the candidate’s performances since the start of the WASSCE into quantitative and qualitative categories.

He stated that more candidates had taken the test in the quantitative category since the government stepped in to fund the students’ tuition, but he was quick to point out that more work needed to be done in the qualitative category.

He claimed that compared to their peers, Liberian students score very well in the subjects of mathematics and English but performed very poorly in the sciences. ”I notice this, and I believe that the students’ lack of practical understanding is to blame. They need to be see what they are doing.”

The WAEC chairman added that students will perform better in the sciences categories if they are taught in labatory, particularly practicing what they are learning.

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