February 25, 2024

Allen Dahn Motivates Liberians


Monrovia, Liberia – The author of the book Painful Forgiveness invites Liberians to come together and put the country’s recent civil war behind them. Allen Dahn claimed that his father was killed during the civil war in his presence, which caused him to become depressed for a number of years. He claimed that writing the book Painful Forgiveness, which serves as a case study for Liberians on how to get pass the past, took him more than five years.

Following the formal publication of the book on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at the Carver Mission in Paynesville, Mr. Dahn spoke with our reporter.

”Liberians continue to harbor animosity toward one another as a result of the events that took place during the “Civil War.” We should all work toward reconciliation. My father’s death hurt me, but I had to come to terms with it. In the midst of the fight, I saw him killed.”

To teach the next generation about conflict resolution, Mr. Dahn also suggests that the book be taught in Liberian classrooms.

”There are many excellent Liberian-authored works that ought to be taught in our classrooms, but we are only concerned with doing so for books from other countries. I want this book and many other books written by Liberians to be taught in our schools.”

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

Contact: +231776687195

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