December 9, 2023

Youth Leaders from Three Political Parties Deliberates on Parties’ Desires to Provide Employment to Young People

Monrovia, Liberia – Three political parties’ youth leaders have discussed how they intend to empower young people and better their lives over the next 100 days, they have also given measures for doing so.
The three youth leaders are Mohamed Sy from the youth congress of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Austin Toe from the youth league of the All Liberian Coalition Party, and James Morris from the youth wing of the Collaborating Political Parties.

The three youth leaders spoke during a recent one-day dialogue on non-electoral violence, which Book Before Boys hosted in Monrovia.

The CPP’s Youth Leader, James Morris, spoke during the discussion and revealed that his political leader, a man with a cooperative background, hopes to allocate about $20 million USD for the introduction of youths into businesses and the strengthening of middle-class entities in order to employ young people.

Regarding the subject of electoral violence, Mr. Morris stated that the CPP has ratified the Farmington River Agreement, and the collaboration’s youth wing has agreed to a contract drafted by the group’s political leader and chairman.

Austin Toe, for his part, stated that the ALCOP-led administration will make an effort to collaborate with community-based groups in order to provide the essential vocation training skills for the adolescents who lack formal education in order to engage in self-employment.

Regarding pre- and post-election violence, Mr. Toe reaffirmed his commitment to using dialogue to resolve any unclear issues and his determination to never resort to violence as a tool for advancing his political ambitions.

In response to the majority of audience questions, Mohamed Sy, who represented the CDC Youth League, asserted that in the first term, the CDC-led government implemented free education at all public universities as a measure to combat poverty and increase the literacy rate in the country.

Mr. Sy reaffirmed the coalition’s policy of nonviolence on the subject of electoral violence and the warning from President George Weah, who is also the leading proponent of the maintenance of free, fair, and inclusive elections.

Mustapha Sherman, the Country Director of the Book Before Boys, stated earlier that the debate aims to teach students and adolescents about what the political parties have in store for them in terms of their manifestos for young people.

Youth and Sports Minister Zogar Wilson said, he was glad to see young people from different political parties engaging in such debate, noting it was good for the nation’s democracy and peaceful coexistence.

Book Before Book is an organization geared towards the development of teenage girls for leadership, public speaking and academic success.  

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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