February 22, 2024

Monrovia Central Prison, Faces Longstanding issue of delay court cases.

Monrovia, Liberia – The Monrovia Central Prison is overcrowded with about 1,347 inmates, with a startling number of 1,034 people waiting to be tried. The prison has long-standing problems with delayed court cases and a frightening number of pretrial detainees.

Joel G. Juah, the Deputy Superintendent for Administration at the Monrovia Central Prison, made an appeal to stakeholders and humanitarian organizations, pleading with them to give the prisoners much-needed assistance, such as food and sanitary supplies.

Juah also emphasized the necessity of expediting some cases for those who have been incarcerated for three to four court terms without having their initial hearing, which makes it difficult to guarantee each prisoner has suitable living conditions and a fair trial.

Concern has been raised about the situation at the Monrovia Central Prison as a result of the daily increase in the number of felonious crimes reported and the uncontrollable levels of the general prison population. It is challenging to give prisoners the proper care and services because the prison’s resources and facilities are overburdened.

Human rights advocates and legal professionals have long criticized Liberia’s courts for moving at a speed that frequently exceeds the period that defendants would serve in prison for their claimed crimes if found guilty.

The nation is grappling with this urgent issue, and there is a strong clamor for change and aid. This emphasizes the necessity for a coordinated effort from all parties to ensure a fair and just legal system for everyone.

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