February 25, 2024

Bility accuses Unity Party of masterminding internal wrangling within LP

Monrovia, Liberia – The contentious Liberty Party’s chairman, Musa Bility, claims that the Unity Party, which had ruled the country for twelve years, is responsible for the internal strife within the LP.

Bility claimed that after he allegedly refused to sign a resolution designating UP leader Joseph Boakai as the Standard Bearer of the then four Collaborating Political Parties, some UP officials became very active in dissolving the LP.

It is recorded that the LP is a member of the CPP. The LP internal struggle started not long after Chairman Bility took his position in the party. Bility took over the chairmanship from Lofa County Senator, Steve Zargo.

Since then, the party has been under public contempt due to the internal conflict between Chairman Bility and LP Political Leader, Senator Lawrence. The two charged one another with altering the party document to give one of them more power than the other.

As it stands, the LP is divided into two, the Bility faction with support to the ANC and CPP, and Senator Lawrence faction with support to the UP.

Amos Tweh, the secretary general of the Unity Party, responded to Bility’s accusation by calling it false and saying that Bility was just trying to divert attention.

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