December 6, 2023

ALL Political Leader Sara Beysolow Nyanti Concludes Day-Long Community engagement

Margibi County – Over the weekend, Sara Beysolow Nyanti, the political leader of the African Liberation League, wrapped up a day-long community engagement with the people of Laka-ta in Margibi County.
According to ALL political leaders, the day-long community interaction is geared toward gaining the support of the overwhelming majority of people living in that region of the nation.

At the meeting, Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti urged the people of Compound Community where she was raised, to support her bid for the presidency of Liberia on October 10, 2023. Madam Nyanti vowed to reduce poverty in all sectors of the country noting that Liberians cannot continue to be spectators in their economy. She called for collective efforts from all citizens to ensure that Liberians are lifted from poverty despite the many natural resources.

Making remarks on behalf of Lakayta township, Mr. E. Sumo Dennis assured the African Liberation League standard bearer that they will work to ensure that she get majority of the votes in that area. According to Dennis, who has benefited from Madam Nyanti’s father company for more than ten years, it is only important to donate to people who have had a significant influence on one’s life.

He claimed that because of her late father’s history, ALL will receive a sizable number of the votes from Lakayta Township. The spokesperson continued, “The Nyanti-Moribah ticket is full of people with Vice experience in Nation building evidenced by their track records at the UN where they both had worked for several years prior to her resignation about a month ago.”

Miss Zhyphel Sharewallie, a soccer player for the Liberian national women’s team, expressed her displeasure with the living circumstances of the township’s youngsters. Despite being close to Kakata City, she claimed that many of the teenagers mostly subsist on farming land brushing and smoking.

Sharewallie attributed the lack of financial resources for technical and academic education to the illiteracy of young people in Lakayta. Therefore, the young female football player from Liberia who received support from the youths is calling for youth empowerment programs in the region to raise kids to better and professional levels. When this is finished, she claimed, people will be able to learn, work, make money, and contribute to the growth of their particular cities and communities.

Miss. Sharewallie concluded by urging young Liberians, in particular her classmates in Lakayta, Margibi County, to cast their votes for candidates based on their plans for the country’s development while admonishing them not to be seduced by wealth.

The township sports coordinator described how terrible it is that there is only one youth center in the township and pleading with the African Liberation League to assist them equip their youth center with resources that will keep the kids interested and involved.

At the conclusion of the one-day engagement meeting at Compound Town Hall, Men, Women, and Elders vowed to do everything in their power to persuade voters to support their candidates in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, who they claim are among the few women who are qualified to take on the challenge.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula

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