February 25, 2024

President Weah Kicks off official Campaign across Montserrado.

Monrovia, Liberia – The presidential and parliamentary campaigns of the Coalition for Democratic Change have officially begun. On August 8, 2023, CDC Presidential candidate George M. Weah accompanied Representative Moses Acraus Gray of Montserrado County District #8 and Solomon George of Montserrado County District #7 on the campaign trail.

The Liberian leader told supporters during a day-long community engagement visit in Montserrado County district # 7 and 8 that he is running for a second term in order to finish the many development projects he began all around the nation.

Although Liberians would continue to see economic improvement, the standard bearer for the Coalition for Democratic Change committed to eradicate poverty in all facets of the nation and reiterated his government’s commitment to helping marketers all across the nation.

The Liberian President further stated that his administration would act in each citizen’s best interests.

“They came to you before and claimed I didn’t know anything, but the man they said didn’t know anything is carrying out significant advancements all across the nation; the developments are unparalleled so what are they coming to repair don’t listen to them because they have nothing to present. Please give me another chance so that I can continue to advance our nation because I want to tell you that I have done something.”

President Weah called on Liberians to vote for the two candidates to help him make better decisions for the people of Liberia.

Because he believes he is the better choice to govern the district, Representative Solomon George of Montserrado County District #7 urges the residents of his district to re-elect him. He urged voters to support his reelection so that he could assist President Weah in implementing the district’s positive policies. Rep. George mentioned the brand-new football stadium and the brand-new market building as examples of Weah-George development in the district.

He, George, and President Weah, he said, are the only people capable of leading the district and the nation. Rep. George will be running for this job in that district for the third time.

At the time, Representative Moses Acraus Gray of Montserrado County District #8 boost of major development in Liberia’s capital by President Weah. According to him, he deserves a third term while President Weah deserves a second term in this year’s election.

Lenn Eugene Nagbe, the campaign manager for the CDC, urged supporters and parties to remain in their districts in order to conduct effective campaigning.

Montserrado County Senator, Saah Joseph argued that there is no need for him to run a campaign in Montserrado. He said, his work in the county has proven his worth. Senator Joseph name his transport service, health care abilities among others as reasons for the people of Montserrado to re-elect him.

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