December 9, 2023

Village Saving Association of Liberia Endorses Sara Beysolow Nyanti presidential bid

Monrovia, Liberia – The Village Saving Association of Liberia has formally endorsed both female candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti and Mr. Simeon Moribah of the African Liberation League for president and vice president, with roughly 63 days left before the country’s presidential and legislative elections on October 10, 2023.

The African Liberation League’s well-defined vision of the developmental projects it will implement if elected by the people of Liberia, the group claims, served as the foundation for their choice. Esther K. Wallace, speaking on behalf of the organization, said after months of careful examination of numerous leaders around the nation, they are now convinced and confident that the African Liberation League is the only way to achieve rapid progress.

Madam Wallace remarked that with ALL in position, “Women of the Country will no longer be able to run to the central bank for loans on a 40 percent interest basis.”

The African Liberation League standard bearer Sara Beysolow Nyanti, who accepted the endorsement on behalf of the party, praised the Village Saving Women of Liberia for the endorsement and restated her commitment to assisting marketers around the nation.

If elected in the upcoming elections on October 10, ALL politician Leader reminded the crowd, they intend to offer better chances for every resident of the country. Better microloan options and agricultural projects that will benefit Liberia’s present and future generations were among the items she listed.

With less than three months in politics, Madam Nyanti, who is quickly acquiring notoriety, declared that politics is not just about talking; rather, it is about making a difference in the lives of regular residents as a whole. She added that Liberia belongs to everyone, not just the wealthy few.

At the same time, the African Liberation League’s candidate promised the Village Saving Women of Liberia that their leadership will prioritize women’s empowerment, one of the main tenets of their program.

Vice-standard bearer of the African Liberation League, for his part, made it clear that their mission to serve Liberia is not for themselves, but rather for the country’s citizens, who they believe deserve more from the government they elect. The difficulties in Liberia are obvious to everyone inside and outside the country, Mr. Simeon Moribah continued, and it is time for the people to elect leaders with significant development expertise.

Although they have lamented that money sent to Liberia over the years has not resulted in anything, the ALL Vice standard bearer revealed that they have fantastic plans laid out to connect the Country with International Partners. He urged voters to view the elections on October 10 as an opportunity to right past wrongs and stated that the results of the polls would determine the destiny of the nation. Moribah also urged voters to cast informed ballots, warning that the nation would perish if they failed to do so.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula

Contact: +231777376826

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