February 22, 2024

EPA in collaboration with NAPGN Ends One-day Dialogue aimed at Developing communication strategy to be use in National Adaptation Plan for Liberia.

Monrovia, Liberia – A one-day debate between the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Adaptation Plan Global Network to create a communication plan for the Liberia National Adaptation Plan has come to an end. The discussion covered identification communication objectives and priority audience. It was financed by the US Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Canadian Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Jefferson Nyagodib, the Environmental Protection Agency’s focal point for the United Nations and international assistance, assured international partners that the Liberian government was serious about addressing the issues fueling climatic change in the nation during his speech at the program concluding the dialogue.

Mr. Nyanodib thanked the attendees for their involvement and expressed the hope that they would be accessible soon to ratify suggestions and directives given during the discussion. Abraham Tumbeg, the UNDP’s Program Coordinator for Green and Inclusive Growth, added that despite Liberia being one of the least developed nations, the country faces significant climatic change-related concerns.

According to him, it is crucial to establish an enabling framework in order to implement a communication strategy that raises awareness of the threat posed by climatic change and the necessity to coordinate activities aimed at reducing it. He gave the Liberian government his word that the UNDP would work with them in every way possible to lessen the effects of climate change, especially through collaborating with the appropriate parties to alter the impact that humans have on the environment.

According to Tumbeg, a lot has been accomplished by bringing together the government, foreign partners, civil society organizations, and the commercial sector to brainstorm on a mechanism that will clearly convey to the general public the importance of working together to safeguard the environment.
The discussion attempted to create a communication plan for Liberia’s National Adaptation Plan.

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