September 25, 2023

Bomi Citizens Rejects Sen. Morris Saytuma Re-election

Okay District, Bomi County- Some citizens of Bomi County on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 boo at President George Weah for asking them to re-elect incumbent Senator Morris Saytumah; who they term as a complete failure.

At one of his rallies in Klay District in the Western region of the country, President weah pleaded with citizens of Bomi to support Sen. Saytumah, based on the mutual friendship and political cooperation with his Government.

In a defiant posture, the electorates continued their booing of the incumbent senator with some maintained that their gathering was only to show support to President Weah.

Though Mr. Weah exerted all efforts in calming the crowd; they continue to resist the president request. Many of the supporters were heard singing songs ‘’we do want Saytumah, we don’t want Saytumah.’’

Addressing the angry supporters in Bomi County president Weah said, “this is serious I see some people especially my gbana Pekin them saying NO, NO, let me say this, there are some Lawmakers who are not members of our party but they continue to affixed their signature on critical documents in our interest and the interest of the country for us is to continue having free WAEC fees, free tuition and major developments across the country and Senator Saytomah is one of those people.”

“I don’t care about your NO, you can take your NO, I don’t care I am speaking to the true CDCIAN’S the true WEAHIANS; will support the party and Saytumah. I say to you Saytumah will be supported because when twenty people went against me saying that I will never become president of this country we were working in the Senate. This man that voted for me and show me his voter card. I want everyone, every partisans that believe in this struggle to joint us and bring people who will vote for people who are in the interest of the county and the people; even though they are not in our party but they believe in our developmental agenda.”

“Not partisans who will argue on thing that we bring on the table; look at Bomi tody, it is because of Edwin Snowe and Saytumah you seeing development coming to this county today; so those that you supporting will not Support you tomorrow. I hate no one, but I will ensure that those that are in the interest of the people are brought on board. I say to you friends and family do not make mistake always vote for people who are in your interest.”

The incumbent Lawmaker, who has spent nine years at the senate, is seeking re-election with critics saying he has failed to impact the lives of the county citizens.

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