September 25, 2023

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah Threatens to return to the bush if…


Monrovia, Liberia – Yekeh Kolubah, a representative for Montserrado County District 10, has threatened to go back to the bush if he is cheated in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections on October 10, 2023.

The District Ten Lawmaker stated during a news conference on Friday, September 1, 2023, in Monrovia that the CDC-led government intends to rig the elections in his District. Based on his critical stance against the CDC government, Representative Kolubah said that the entire government is opposed to his bid for reelection in the District.

He claimed that a number of people were working against his re-election in the District, including President George Weah, Vice President Jowel Howard Taylor, Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance, and Development Planning Samora P.Z. Wolokolie.

Representative Kolubah warned that any attempt to tamper with the election results in his district would force him to use all available means of resistance against the government, with disastrous effects.

”We will make sure that our democracy is preserved, not by persons who will try to impose a legislator against the will of our people”, Kolubah said in reference to CDC government officials who would act against the wishes of the Liberian people.

“We want to make it absolutely clear that imposing a government on the Liberian people is not our business. We are absolutely clear that their only duty is to keep an eye on the elections and verify the overall NEC results. If you try it, we will split Monrovia in two. I will not make peace with anyone who wants to rig the outcome of the election in District 10. The goal and attitude towards election rigging would harm the nation’s progress and development.”

In order to prevent a crisis in our nation, Rep. Kolubah stated that the National Elections Commission (NEC) organized political parties and independent candidates to sign the Farmington Declaration, which reaffirmed their commitment to fair and open elections nationwide. He argued that President George Weah had violated the Farmington River Declaration by provoking H. Boima Fahnbulleh at the time.

“Since the beginning of the electoral activities across the country, the government has been involved with many negative activities, ranging from voter registration exercises and campaign processes in the District, something he said is a genuine plot by the government to steal these elections results in favour of the ruling government candidate in the District; he warned International partners to closely monitor the elections across the country.

Reported by: Joseph Kekulah

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