September 25, 2023

Pres. Weah Named Jewel CDC 2029 Presidential Candidate

Palala, Bong County- President George Manneh Weah has announced Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor as CDC presidential candidate after his second term. Speaking to supporters and cidicians in central Liberia, the Liberian Leader said it is a good path to the promotion of women in democracy.

According to President Weah, the Vice President has all capabilities to succede him, noting that there should be another woman to lead the country especially from the CDC.

President George Weah is noted for promoting women in Liberia. The Weah government is noted for having more women in national offices.

In 2018 after he took office, President Weah named himself FEMINIST IN CHIEF supporting women in Liberia and around the world.

President Weah announcement encouraged Bongies to re assure their support to President Weah re-election.

Speaking to a resident of Palala, Patience Kekulah said, the president Speech has re awaken her spirit to campaign for Weah-Taylor.

She added that her campaign is to make sure Weah wins in order to pave way for VP Taylor.

Mis. Patience continued that she prayed to see a president from Bing County.

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