December 9, 2023

UP Diaspora Members donates to Campaign in Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia – The campaign team for the Opposition Unity Party 2023 received a sizable shipment of campaign materials from Party members living abroad on September 20, 2023. The UP-USA/Canada and all partisans, as well as the entire Diaspora Campaign Collaboration, are in full support of the party undertakings and stand fully prepared to contribute to the success of the rescue Mission, said the partisans who presented the donation in Monrovia on behalf of the Diaspora team: partisans Adana S. Paye and Amos Weefur.

The delegation claimed that making the donation was their way of supporting the Unity Party’s strategic goal of winning the forthcoming October presidential and legislative elections. The team members warned every citizen to join the rescue team in order to improve Liberia, noting that UP is the only constructive alternative that can put smiles on the people of Liberia.

The National Campaign Team of the Unity Party-Alliance received donations of T-shirts, chairs, and stickers from the Unity Party USA/Canada Dynamic Ambassadors/Diaspora Campaign Collaboration.

Amos Tweh, the national secretary general of the Unity Party, accepted the donation on behalf of the campaign manager and thanked the group of donors for the supplies. He claimed that throughout time, the UP-USA/Canada had proven to be a reliable partner for the UP National Leadership in Liberia. At the same time, he urged other partisans to follow the UP-USA/Canada’s lead in positive ways.

The supplies, according to Mr. Tweh, will be used for the intended purpose. He urged those who were still unsure to board the rescue train, emphasising that there was ample room for everyone. He stresses that the people will be the ones driving change, hence UP’s agenda will place a strong emphasis on education because a society with a high level of education is one that is flourishing.

”We will not allow the resources of this country to be mortgaged by a few people for their selfish interests. If economic expansion must result from the exploitation of our resources, it must be fair to all of our people and accompany development. This revolution and the growing mass movement will encourage our people to support the Unity Party on October 10, guarantee our victory, oust the decadent and ineffective CDC Leadership led by George Weah, and work together to recapture the soul of our country. As we are ready to bring in a new administration that encourages all Liberians to have hope, prosperity, and unity.”

By: Joseph N. Kerkula

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