December 9, 2023

Pres. Weah Promise UNGA Free, Fair and Credible Elections 2023

New York, USA – The Liberian government has taken all necessary steps to achieve free, fair, transparent, peaceful, inclusive, and credible elections on October 10, 2023, as President George Weah assured the UNGA in a statement.

According to The Liberia Leader, the National Elections Commission has been enhanced to make sure it functions free from improper interference.

By signing the 2023 Farmington River Declaration, which requires all participants in the elections to continue advancing peace, political parties have also vowed to a nonviolent electoral process, Mr. Wah stated.

As a strong believer in democracy, let me reiterate my call for respect for constitutional governance and respect for the will of the people. While addressing the issue of elections and democracy, permit me to congratulate all democratically elected leaders around the world.

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