February 25, 2024

MIA and Liberia Peace Building Office Climax Three Days Conference

Monrovia, Liberia-

LIBERIA Peace building Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs has ended a three day High- Level International National Conference on Electoral Integrity in Monrovia.

The three days International Conference which began on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 brought together Local and International partners as well as CSO’s, Representatives from political parties and member of the board of Commissioners from the National Elections Commission.

The Conference gear-towards the sustainability of peace during and after the October 10, 2023 Legislative and Presidential elections in the country.

Speaking at the climax of the High-level International Conference, the Executive Director for the Peace building Office in Liberia Edward K. Mulbah stated that the 1986 constitution declares that the “government of the people, by the people and for the people” has been used to define democracy; noting the 1986 constitution declares that the power is inherent in the people.

He added political instability, election Violence, accusations and denials of vote-rigging and electoral corruption continue to characterize the first attempt at democracy and self-governance since the departure of UNMIL and the democratic transfer of power in 2017.

The peace-building boss, noted Liberians require the kind of Leadership that can ensure citizens safety in every aspect of human existence; noting that the High-level Conference makes an effort to address troubling concerns as an embodiment of the democratic transfer of power through elections that are credible, Free, and peaceful after January 2018.

At the climax, participants in the High-level International Conference, specially political parties, to make commitment to run a people- centered government that will place a high value on inclusive governance with special focus on Women and religious tolerance.

Mr. Mulbah stated parties Candidates and Leaders must take responsibilities for the integrity and credibility of election-understand and follow the Laws and Legislations.

He maintained that party agents must play their roles as witnesses to safeguard the integrity of the elections-party agents must be properly trained and informed on electoral procedures.

He caution political parties to ensure social media and stakeholders take responsibility for curbing the spread of false information and promote robust fack-checking; and verify information with the NEC.

NEC, political parties and relevant government institutions must not act in any form of manner that makes electorates to lose faith in the integrity of elections. According to him, by doing so will undermines the legitimacy of the outcome endanger Lives and jeopardize the peace process of seeking redress to grievances and demanding accountability.

For his part, the Chairperson of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights, Cllr. T. Dempster Brown requested the board of Commissioners at NEC, to adhere to request made by citizens of the country regarding delay in the publication of the “FFR” by the NEC.

Reported by: Joseph Kerkula

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