February 25, 2024

As Nimbaians Pledge Support, Weah Promises Continue Development

Sanniqualle, Nimba County- IN SANNIQUALLIE Nimba county, The elders, women, market women first time voters have pledged their full support to the reelection of the weah-Taylor team, and called on the people of nimba to vote one round comes October.

In a political rally on Friday in Nimba County, the elders of Nimba in support of the re-election of President Weah said, he has done enough and deserve a second chance to complete all that he started.

The elders in an emotional mood named Roads construction around the country, naming sanniqullie to Ganta road as example noting that the road project that was completed by President Weah begin in the late president Tolbert time but could not be complete.

In a local English; This election is for you because you paved the road from Ganta to Sanniquille , just go lay down and sleep for your Inauguration,“ the elder who spoke on behalf of the Nimba elders disclosed.

The elders of Nimba county however apologized to president Weah on behalf of all those who went against the CDC for their wrong doing and pleaded with the president to carry on the work that he’s doing and not listen to those who wants to go against the county all in their own name.

Meanwhile, promised George Manneh Weah in his deliberations promised the people of Nimba county continue development when elected for second term. 

The Liberian Leader encouraged the people of sanniquallie to vote right, noting that the Weah team is the right team to vote for.

“The people said I am not experience, but you can see the tangibles. Roads, Free Education and others can show. Do not follow God father that will benefit alone and leave the masses out, ”said President Weah

“Let us join together and move this country forward by voting the Weah-Taylor Team, join the change that break Coronavirus,” he stated

President Weah however encouraged the young people of nimba county and Liberia at large to keep the peace during and after the elections adding that peace is the best way.

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