December 9, 2023

Three Boats Destroy and One Person Burnt


Bunchanan City, Grand Bassa County – The Buchanan Port commercial pier in Grand Bassa County was damaged by a large fire that occurred on Sunday night, October 15, 2023. A report from Buchanan says one person was injured in the incident. According to reports, the epidemic was most likely caused by an engineering fault.

Due to the emergency circumstances during the outbreak, the worker’s identity is still unknown. However, the team of daily workers said that they spent the entire day at the port downloading a small number of boats that were scheduled to depart within a few hours. It is reported that one of the vessels’ engineers had dove to check on the state of another boat out on the water.

The unidentified worker claimed that the engineer was seriously hurt in the fire after hearing a loud noise emanating from the boat when they were underneath it at the Buchanan commercial dock. The victim is said to be at the government hospital in Buchanan City, undergoing treatment.

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