December 9, 2023

54th Liberian Senate Resumes

Capitol Hill – The Liberian Senate has resumed the last and final segment of the 6th session of the 54th National Legislature. At the beginning of the senate session on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, there were over ten senators present. Among them were Jonathan Kaipay and Varney Sherman, both of whom had recently suffered defeat in the 2023 elections that had just taken place in Grand Bassa and Grand Cape Mount Counties.

Protemp Albert Chie stated at the beginning of the senate session that the plenary would work in the following few months to essentially finish the activities of the 54th legislature and prepare for the 55th.

Protemp Chie named a review of some of the concerns that will come from the ongoing election process, receipt and debate of the draft National Budget for 2024, as well as monitoring the implementation of the drugs law as some of the items on the agenda.

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