February 25, 2024

Sen. Sherman Retires from Active Politics

Grand Cape Mount County – The incumbent Senator from Grand Cape Mount County, Varney Sherman, has officially announced his retirement from active politics. He cited his early defeat in the race for the Senate seat in Grand Cape Mount County as the reason for his decision to step away from politics.

Unity Party Senatorial Candidate Darbah Varpilah is in a strong position to win the race for the seat in the Senate that represents Grand Cape Mount, as the National Elections Commission continues to announce the results of the election.

Senator Sherman stated that the elections did not go in his favor; as a result, it is recommended that he take a break from politics and focus on his personal life instead of continuing to be involved in the political process.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, Senator Sherman sneered at the electorates and cited the manner in which they make decisions in the country when he was speaking to a journalist on Capitol Hill. He made the observation that the electorate does not vote in their own best interests but rather based on their feelings and not in support of growth. In his farewell speech, the outgoing senator thanked his colleagues in the Senate for the cordial working relationship they had shared since he had joined the Senate.

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