December 9, 2023

Morlu Mulbah; Warlords Supporting UP Endanger Liberia’s Future

Sinkor, Monrovia – Warlords supporting opposition unity party standard bearer Joseph N. Boakai in the runoff election, according to the chairman of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Morlubah K. Morlu, are dangerous to Liberia’s future.

“It’s risky to give power to people who have been endorsed by warlords; their quest for state power isn’t about introducing reforms; instead, they are coming for vengeance.”

In a press conference held yesterday, November 5, 2023, at the CDC headquarters in the oldest Congo, Chairman Morlu made such remarks. Morlu, who did not identify the specific group of warlords supporting the Unity Party but denounced those who did as evil, claimed that all of those supporting the Party are warlords with an agenda to undermine Liberia’s future.

”These individuals have a goal to remove all Cidicians from government, which we cannot allow to occur. They cannot be allowed to seize state authority.”

He praised the CDC for obtaining 27 parliamentary seats and noted that no political party had ever taken that many seats in the legislature, calling it a triumph that reaffirmed incumbent President Weah’s leadership.

“We are going to the runoff strong; we defeated them in the Senate and the House of Representatives; this alone shows that President Weah’s second-term victory is sure.”

An 87-year-old elderly man cannot possibly become president of Weah, according to Morlu, who also stated that the CDC has formed a broad base coalition that would transform the nation. He added that women, elders, and even the younger generation will not permit such to occur.

Politicians ought to know when to step down, but because our uncle did not do so in an honorable manner, we will retire him at the polls during the runoff election, according to Morlu.

In the first round of the election, he praised partisans and supporters for turning out in large numbers to vote, adding, “We are a tolerant group of people; let’s take this attitude to the runoff.”

He praised the CDC in the runoff election, praising ALP standard bearer Benoni Urey, CPP standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings, vice standard bearer Charlene Brumskine, and party chairman Musa Bility for their collaboration and endorsement ahead of the 2023 presidential run-off.

”These individuals have made the morally correct choice to join the CDC, and it is the responsibility of all CDC supporters and allies to embrace and accept them.”

He called on Cidicians, saying that this is their last vote for President Weah and that all Cidicians who began this trip in 2004 must end it, stating that although President Weah had already established the groundwork for transformation in this nation, his goal was not yet accomplished.

“It’s you that brought him this far, and you can’t abandon him at this time; you must complete the mission you have started. No matter what the situation, you must cast a vote because it will enable President Weah to realize his vision for this nation. There is no good reason not to do so. We will fight from street to street, doors to doors, village to village; you must reach out to every household.”

Despite serving in the government for 42 years, he has never won anything. How can a rescuer live on hangouts? Chairman Morlu said, noting that this is a disgrace and repulsive.

Reported by: Lewis S Teh

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