December 9, 2023

Koijee; At no Time CDC Called for Rerun

Monrovia, Liberia – The Coalition for Democratic Change’s Secretary General, Jefferson Koijee, has denied any claim that the party is asking for a rerun of the election scheduled for November 14 and called the claim deceptive and untrue. Speaking at a news conference on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at the party headquarters in Congo, Koijee expressed anxiety over the CDC’s alleged rerun of the runoff election, claiming that the report was false and meant to cast the party in a negative light.

“We want to warn some of you who are pretending to be partisans and spreading false rumors that the CDC is calling for a rerun. That is false and misleading. Do not mislead our partisans.”

Koijee claimed that the National Elections Commission (NEC) has jurisdiction over the issues pertaining to Nimba and Grand Kru Counties. The NEC has called on partisans to maintain peace and refrain from using themselves as a tool to misrepresent the party, and the party will congratulate the victor once the NEC has made its final announcement. “When the National Elections Commission gives the final results announcing the winner, we will officially congratulate the winner as a responsible and democratic institution.”

“I want to call on partisans of the CDC not to allow themselves to be misled at this time because there are people who will come to you under the guise of being partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change to feed you with misinformation and disinformation with the evil intent to misrepresent the institution during this critical period in our body politics.”

“There’s time for everything. This time, we have committed ourselves to a peaceful, transparent and credible election. We will act responsibly and we want you to give deaf ears to misleading information that would push you to engage into acts that will undermine the peace of our country.”

“They don’t mean well for you. They see violence as their means to remain relevant in society at the detriment of the vast majority of the population. We do not want them to succeed in deceiving you. No matter how hurt and broken you are as a result of the outcome of the election, we call on you to be sober and peaceful,”Koijee Cautioned partisans.

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