February 21, 2024

Boakai Promises to Work with Weah Team in Smooth Transition of Power.


Monrovia, Liberia – President Elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai, as part of his meeting with President George Manneh Weah at the Executive Mansion on November 24, 2023, at the first joint presidential transitional team meeting, promised to work with the Weah team in the smooth transition of power.

Amb. Boakai praised Mr. Weah for his ability to accept defeat and demonstrate democratic showmanship. Before the 2023 presidential race, Boakai, who has long advocated for accountability, pledged to audit the Weah and Ellen administrations.

The first encounter between President Weah and President-elect Boakai is the first of its sort in the history of the country and the first time the two have been seen together in public after the November 14, 2023, elections, demonstrating Liberia’s democratic maturity in the twenty-first century.

Amb. Boakai announced twenty people to represent the Unity Party transition team during the meeting. In the meanwhile, vice president-elect Jeremiah Kung was appointed by Boakai in accordance with executive order #123, establishing the joint presidential transitional team to serve as co-chair in his absence and managing all team operations and meetings.

He also named Cllr. Cooper Kruah, Amara Konneh, and Amose Tweh to the secretary’s committee. Other members include Lusinee Kamara, Louise Kpoto, MacDella Cooper, Dr. Urey Yarkpawolo, Samuel Kofi Woods II, Dr. Augustine Konneh, Boima Kamara, River Luther Tarpeh, Darbah Vapilah, Edward Appleton, John Morlu Jr., Sam Gaye, Sahr Johnny, Noah Zawu Gibson, Sarah Beyslow Nyanti, Gbemie Horace-Kollie, Wilmot Paye, and Jacobs Smith.

Boakai, who won the 2023 general election with a total vote of 814,481, constituting 50.64%, first lost to Weah in the 2017 general and presidential elections.

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