February 21, 2024

JFD Referral Hospital in Nimba County Calls for Help

Tiappa, Nimba County – Nimba County’s government-run Jackson F. Doe Referral Hospital is calling for assistance. The hospital administration claimed that the inadequate funding allocation and lack of fundamental logistics result in a subpar healthcare delivery system.

The administration of the Nimba County-based Jackson F. Doe Memorial Referral Hospital is advocating for more funding to provide high-quality medical care to its numerous patients both domestically and abroad.

Despite numerous obstacles, the Tappita-based hospital offers reasonably priced medical care to foreign nationals and inhabitants of Guinea and the Ivory Coast at an inexpensive cost.

The management brought to light a number of issues, including a shortage of fuel for the generator, a lack of cars in use, low pay for its numerous contractors, and a lot of other difficulties.

The request from the Jackson F. Doe Hospital is being made in advance of the start of the new fiscal year, as the departing administration has revealed that they were unable to reach the hospital’s mandatory budgetary targets for 2023.

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