February 21, 2024

Koijee Case Worsens as He Provides Conflicting Number to Court

Monrovia, Liberia – The defense subpoenaed Orange call log of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee, 0779229900, indicates that the number, which he gave to the court as his official number, is registered in the name of a woman and not him. On the other hand, the Orange GSM call record also shows that the number 0776407969 that is registered under his name is not in use.

In his testimony on Wednesday, December 12, 2023, Mayor Koijee informed the Court and Jurors that he had given the police his used number, 07766407969, when he was invited to participate in the investigation into the horrific death of Charloe Musu on February 22, 2023. Following his release and official clearance from the police, he wrote to the Ministry of Justice requesting a subpoena of his call log, which he claimed to be his official number. According to the most recent Orange GSM call log that was subpoenaed, the aforementioned number is registered under a female’s identity.

In a related development, Maimu Fofana, Varlee Telleh’s wife, has testified that she has used the phone number 0776632470, which her husband purchased and registered in his name. However, she has denied ever making or receiving calls on the aforementioned number from various locations and times, including late at night in and around Monrovia.

On February 20, 2023, these sites include the Sethi Compound, the Gold Medal Factory, Kingville, and 72nd Road. At 72nd Road, Gold Medal Factory, LEC, Banjor, and Jacob Town Community on February 21, 2023. Also at 72nd Road, Jacob Town Community, 72nd Road, King Sao Bosso, Beever in Central Mobtrovia on February 22, 2023.

Additionally, according to the call log, this number made and received calls at 23:47:32 seconds on February 23, 2023, from Logan Town, Island Clinic, Banjor, Duala Market, Gold Medal Factory, 72nd Road, GSA Road in Paynesville, Topoe Village, and Beeverane Salvation Army.

Also, on February 24, 2023, from the Salvation Army and University of Liberia, from early in the morning to roughly 22:22:53 GMT. Madam Telleh said on the Direct that her husband occasionally uses her phone.

Meanwhile, Defense has rested with the production of testimonial and documentary evidence and submitted its side of the case, awaiting a final argument.

Reported by: Watson G. Richards

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