February 25, 2024

Women’s Rights Advocate Lisa Diasay Wins FeJAL Presidency

Paynesville, Montserrado County – Advocate for women’s rights and CEO of Women’s TV Liberia,Lisa Tenneh Diasay, easily defeated VOA Liberia correspondent Dennise Nimpson by a margin of 91 votes in the Female Journalists of Liberia (FeJAL) presidential contest. Nearly 300 members of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia participated in the organization’s elections, which were held at the organization’s headquarters in Paynesville, outside of Monrovia. Several of their male counterparts, who are not allowed to vote, supported and encouraged the process.

The President, Vice President, Secretary General, and Financial Secretary seats were up for grabs as Madams Diasay and Nimpson fought for the top spot. Madam Oretha Bundoo Seh, who ran alongside Diasay, faced off against Nimpson’s Vivian Nah-Mulbah for the Vice President position.

In addition, Patience Baye-Koromah and Famatta E. Thomas ran for the Secretary General and Financial Secretary positions exclusively on Madam Lisa Diasay’s platform, and both candidates emerged as winners without facing any opposition (white ballot).

With 156 votes overall, Madam Diasay defeated her primary opponent, Madam Nimpson, by 62 votes, according to the results announced by Co-EC Jelbeh Johnson on behalf of Elections Committee Chair Olive Stevenson.

Madam Cecelia Clarke, a fellow EC member, also pronounced Madam Oretha Bundoo Seh the winner of the vice presidential seat, with 150 votes to Vivian Nah-Mulbah’s 70 votes.

Dennise Nimpson announced her defeat on her official Facebook page after the EC announced the results and congratulated Lisa Tenneh Diasay, the president-elect.

Speaking to her ecstatic supporters following the results, the president-elect praised her opponent, Nimpson, and her vice president for letting the people’s will win, calling it “the beauty of democracy.”

Madam Diasay went on to urge harmony and concord among all association members, stating that since the elections are done, it is appropriate for everyone to focus on FeJAL, one of the premier auxiliary organizations of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL).

Reported by: Blamo N. Toe

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