February 25, 2024

US Presidential Candidate Rollan Roberts criticizes sanctions against Liberian officials

New York, U.S.A – (Full statement) America’s systematic, institutional, and abusive corruption continues this time with the targeting of the struggling African nation of Liberia.Just last week, the United States sanctioned several Liberian officials, one of whom was Liberia’s Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah.

The sanctions against the individuals include a lifetime ban for them and all family members of traveling to the United States and a lifetime ban on using the U.S. (global) financial banking system.What corruption did they commit so heinous worthy of destroying their lives and that of their families?

The Liberian Finance Minister favored the Liberian company, ArcelorMittal Limited (AML), for a national contract over an American company, High Power Exploration, Inc. (HPX), and prevented HPX from using the rail in Liberia to move their product to Guinea. So because the Liberian Finance Minister favored a Liberian enterprise over a foreign enterprise, we must ruin their lives and make an example out of them for future governments to do what we say, award contracts to whom we say, and bow to the whims and wishes of the foreign power, whether it is in your nation’s best interest of not.

While the message was sent, I can assure you it was not well received by Liberians in or out of Liberia. My office was contacted by angry Liberian-Americans that hold dual citizenship ready to renounce their hard-earned U.S. citizenship over the blatant corruption and greed displayed by these unwarranted sanctions. They are embarrassed to be Americans on this day.

As I have said before, in today’s world, sanctions are not an effective tool. The U.S. dollar does not have the power it once had, and the growth and dependence on other currencies and alliances (BRICS) further demean and erode the effectiveness of sanctions. It simply drives business, finance, trade, goodwill, and social capital away from the United States. There is no perfect country.

There is no country where corruption does not exist. What makes America different is that she’s the world leader and has been held up as the gold standard, the Christian nation, the beacon of hope and a better tomorrow for the rest of the world. But American corruption is no longer a single random act; rather, it is engrained into the Administrative State’s protocol as a matter of standard procedure.As President, I will favor spending American taxpayer dollars with American companies over foreign companies. I will favor investing in U.S. enterprises with all things being equal.

And I expect every President of every nation to act in THEIR countries best interest and firmly believe it is EVIL to expect another country to act against its best interest. That is doing wrong by the people. America has grown accustomed to our own leaders not acting in the best interest of our citizens that it seems insignificant to require other national leaders to do the same. The difference is they are more honest about their corruption than America is.

Ours is the worst kind. Ours is a self-righteous corruption. I will end American corruption every place I find it as President. Many of the sanctions we have currently imposed I will immediately lift from individuals and nations around the world as President. We must start doing right as a nation again. We have committed some of the greatest crimes against humanity and acts of corruption in the name of world order, control, and dominance this world has ever known.

This wielding of power and thinking is antiquated and ineffective, and the United States needs a president and leadership that understand this. We do not need arrogant, cocky politicians showing how tough they are when they are too old to tie their own shoes or fasten their own diaper. We need strong, humble, wise, and gracious leaders made of steel that govern in the fear of God in the best interest of the people and nation he’s given us authority over.

The U.S presidential candidate statement comes after the U.S. on December 11, 2023, Minister Tweah and two other members of the Legislature, Senator Albert Chie and Senator Emmanuel Nuquay, were sanctioned by the U.S. Department of State. The sanctions are being imposed under Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2023, highlighting the U.S. commitment to combating corruption on a global scale.

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