February 25, 2024

Pres. Weah not setting about Political career


Monrovia, Liberia – Liberia’s departing president, George Manneh Weah, has once again taken the world by surprise by saying he is unsure if he will run for president in 2029. President Weah stated that he does not plan to remain in office until he reaches retirement age, which he believes will come around in 2029.

Given that he had previously urged his supporters to help him prepare for the general elections in 2029, many Liberians and political watchers have conjectured about the reasons for his abrupt declaration and decision.

“It’s best to promote peace because I can’t perform certain duties when I get older. Our retirement age is 65, and I’m 57 now. In six years, I’ll be 63, and I won’t be able to work for two years.”

Addressing his congregation on Sunday, January 14, 2024, at the Forky Klohn Jlaleh Family Church in Paynesville, President Weah said he has broken undisputed records and it wouldn’t be necessary to struggle for power at a retirement age.

“I can guarantee you that it’s one time, one time because I have broken undisputed records.”

Taking advantage of the occasion, the departing Liberian leader informed the congregations about his potential departure from the country’s political scene. Weah’s comments might be a sign that he wants to pass the baton to a fresh set of leaders and allow them to shape Liberia’s future according to their own ideas and perspectives.

When former international football star Weah was elected president of Liberia in 2017, the country’s citizens were filled with hope and optimism following years of political unrest and economic hardship. His victory was seen as a symbol of change and a fresh start for Liberia.

Throughout his presidency, Weah implemented several programmes aimed at improving the standard of living for the majority of Liberians. While focusing on the advancement of infrastructure, healthcare, and education, he attempted to attract foreign investment to bolster the country’s economy. There have also been setbacks and criticisms throughout his term.

The glacial pace at which corruption has been addressed and governance has been improved has been a primary point of contention for Weah’s presidency.

Weah’s lack of clarity about not seeking the next election has the people worried about the party’s future. Weah was the party’s leader, therefore his resignation might create a vacuum in that capacity and lead to power struggles within the party. It will be fascinating to see if the CDC can maintain the growth of the party’s base of support and popularity when they select someone for president in 2029.

Reported by: Jennet Borbor


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