February 25, 2024

Rep. Yeke urges UP to cooperate with Speaker Koffa and halt court case

Monrovia, Liberia – Representative Yeke Koluba of Montserrado County District #10 has urged the Unity Party’s leadership to drop their lawsuit against Speaker Fonati Kofa in the Civil Law Court. On Monday, January 15, 2024, Rep. Kolubah said on Spoon Talk, a local radio programme in Liberia, that Cllr. Fonati Kofa is amenable to working with President-elect Joseph Boakai’s administration. He encouraged the UP administration to work with CDC speaker Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Kofa in the best interests of the country rather than taking the new house speaker to court to remove him.

“Unity Party was defeated; it is an embarrassment to the party. President George M. Weah was President-elect, and he made the Bhofal Chambers Speaker. I think, in my mind, the Unity Party shouldn’t go to court. I think the president-elect can work with Fonati, and Fonati can deliver what he wants to deliver because going to court will be like trying to witchhunt. It is not wrong to go to court, but I think he can work with Fonati. If Fonati refuses to work with President-elect Boakai, there are other means he can use to get him out. Going to court, I think in my mind, is wrong.”

Representative Koluba stated that it is a terrible indicator that Unity Party supporters are running an oppositional campaign against the candidates.

“It was embarrassing that they were launching a campaign against their own party. I think the party should take action so that it will serve as a deterrent for people who would want to go to that riot.”

Reported by: Jenner Borbor


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