February 21, 2024

President Boakai outlined Transformative Agenda..


Monrovia, Liberia – Honoring the 55th national assembly and urging Liberians to correct constitutional defects, President Boakai stressed the pinnacle of democratic governance on the day that marked the second peaceful transition of power since the end of the country’s 14-year civil catastrophe.

The Chief Executive of Liberia voiced a strong demand for change, saying, “No more business as usual.”

President Boakai pledged to introduce a new style of governance, stressing nationalism and togetherness as the cornerstones of his administration. “We want a united people, for only united people can build Liberia.”

At the same time, the Liberian leader underlined the necessity of putting nationalism ahead of partisanship, saying, “Election is over, and partisanship must give way to such.” He pledged to engage with Liberians from all backgrounds, emphasizing national healing, reconciliation, and the restoration of openness, inclusivity, and legality.

President Boakai commended former Liberian leaders Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and George Weah for their contributions to the country. He informed Liberians that there is only one Liberia to be developed, regardless of tribe or party. Ambassador Boakai acknowledged the acceptance of the results of the 2023 election by former President Weah.

In stating the economic difficulties, President Boakai claimed, “The economy of recent years has been grossly mismanaged.” He vowed to support economic independence, with a strong emphasis on development and agriculture to repair damaged infrastructure and address the drug epidemic that is afflicting young Liberians.

The leader of Liberia declared, “We are here to rekindle your hope.” As the nation’s 26th President, he promised to carry out the duties assigned to him by addressing pressing problems and promoting economic expansion in order to create a prosperous and cohesive Liberia.

Amb. Boakai pledged a resolute opposition to dangerous drugs in the nation, characterizing them as an epidemic that will be addressed in the first 100 days of his administration. At his inaugural ceremony on Capitol Hill on Monday, January 22, 2024, he addressed a large assembly of people from both domestic and foreign locations.

Reported by: Joseph N Kerkula
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