February 25, 2024

Coach Jasper Benfleix: We are in Transformation


Monrovia, Liberia – Nimba Kwado FC, based in Sanniquelie City, Nimba County, had a sluggish start to the 2023–2024 League Season, leading many sports fans to write them off as a title contender as they always do. With just two games played, they were able to turn their bad first-phase performance around and start a fresh trip in phase two.

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, at the SKD practice pitch in Paynesville, they defeated FC Kallon-Liberia on match day 15 and scored four goals for the first time this season. Nimba Kwado’s captain, Josephus Mantor, was at the top of his game as he scored two goals with set pieces at the 18-yard line, and the team won 4-2 thanks to goals from Alloy Brown and Nyan Dahn.

With 20 points from 16 games, the win put them in 7th place in the standings, 13 points behind Watanga FC, who had 33 points. After putting in a lot of work behind the scenes, Nimba Kwado coach Jasper Benfleix stated at the end of the game that the team is on the verge of transformation and that the victory is crucial.

He said that it is evident that the club is ready to turn things around after they scored four goals in a single game for the first time this season. Regarding Nimba Kwado’s prospects of winning a trophy, Coach Benfleix stated that the league is still open and that his team can still have a good influence because of their increased consistency.

“After a trying time where we at one point had to live with inconsistency, I have great hopes of turning things around, but with current form, everything is possible.”

Josephus Mantor, the team captain, received special recognition from the Nimba Kwado coach, who called him the best player in the local league. Additionally, he urged the national team’s technical staff to prioritize him.

Head coach of FC Kallon-Liberia, Emmanuel Kaykay, voiced regret at the officiating crew’s performance during his team’s loss. “In Liberia, you become an instant target when you start talking about problems related to football.”

“Even though we missed a lot of opportunities, the way the game was officiated certainly had a big impact on our loss. I’m not blaming them too much, but they need to do more moving forward.”
Emphasizing their upcoming match in their city rivalry versus Heaven Eleven, he expressed great optimism about getting back on track.

Several unexpected outcomes occurred in other games played in the same competition at various locations. Bushord Island-based Freeport FC defeated Bea Mountain 1-0, and the recently inspired Global Pharma shocked the league’s reigning champion, LISCR FC, by winning 2-1.

Paynesville FC emerged as the biggest winners of the weekend, defeating NPA Anchors 6-1. However, Heaven Eleven blew a three-goal lead to draw 3-3 with LPRC Oilers, while Mighty Barrolle settled for a 1-1 draw with league leaders Cece United, and Watanga FC also settled for a 0-0 draw with Invincible Eleven, another team facing relegation.

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

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