February 25, 2024

Youth for Tennis Embark on new path as CEO Alfred Kandakai outlines future goals

Monrovia, Liberia – Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world since it has been developed to the maximum level in the majority of countries, including Africa. However, things are different in Liberia, where the sport is still struggling since there are no money scenarios.

One of the major issues hindering the growth of the sport in recent years is the prolonged leadership crisis that kept the sport quiet for a while.

Despite the fact that individual players have contributed to the sport’s transformation, the Liberia Tennis Federation has not had a league or regular activity for almost ten years.

Over time, individual players have developed their academic careers in tennis in an effort to preserve the sport, but a lack of support is also crucial.

Alfred Kandakai, Chief Executive Officer of Youth for Tennis, is among those who think that community initiatives by individual members are essential to rebranding the sport in Liberia.

Mr. Kandakai is an internationally certified tennis coach from Valencia, Spain. He had earlier launched his academy with over two hundred children, both male and female. His objective is to develop future talent for the national team so that Liberia may start competing internationally, he told this medium on Saturday, January 27, 2024, in Paynesville. In the aftermath of the launch, he claimed to have found roughly sixty kids he could develop into future players.

“I must be thankful to (PTR) Professional Tennis Registrar Foundation, based in the US, for the support given to me.”

Coach Alfred has also expressed satisfaction with the contributions his kids have made in the most recent contests. He declared that it was fantastic that players from his academy had won every recent national competition.

I don’t have enough transportation for all of my children, but I would like to bring them here to this National Tennis Court every day for training. This training is really beneficial, especially for the females.”

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

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