February 21, 2024

President Boakai Cautions Gov’t Officials


Monrovia, Liberia – President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has reaffirmed his commitment to combating corruption, stating that his administration will audit the previous administration and that mismanagement of public funds will not go unpunished.

President Boakai reminded the graduating class on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, during the United Methodist University’s graduation ceremony, which was hosted in Domah Town on the RIA Highway, that corruption robs future generations of their potential and hinders the growth of any nation.

In order to reconstruct the country, President Boakai urged all residents to lend their assistance, saying that although the “road to recovery may seem daunting, together, we will overcome and build a Liberia that stands as a beacon of integrity, progress, and prosperity.”

In pursuit of this goal, he declared that he has reaffirmed the government’s pledge to audit the previous administration in order to safeguard accountability and transparency.

“We acknowledge the seriousness of the economic challenges facing our nation, and we are determined to implement measures that promote fiscal responsibility. Most importantly, we want to send a clear message to our public officials: misusing public resources will not go unpunished.”

“This audit is not intended to be a witch hunt; we would like to make that clear. Rather, it is an essential step in realizing the scope of the problems we confront and making sure that those who violate the law are held accountable.”

Reported by: Jennet Borbor


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