February 25, 2024

New Liberian Tennis Federation President Promises Transformation

Monrovia, Liberia – With the creation of five pillars that align with teamwork, the recently elected President of the Liberia Tennis Federation has laid out plans to steer the organization in the correct direction.

Speaking to this media on Wednesday in Monrovia, Paul Jamal King stated that their first priority is to organize the federation so that they may have a fixed calendar for each activity.

For greater transformation, he wants tennis clubs or institutions owned by other people to operate in accordance with federation guidelines.

“The national tennis facilities are in terrible shape, so we’re planning a complete overhaul to bring them up to code. Male and female national team setup from junior to senior levels, league hosting, coach training, and team formation are still essential. Building a tennis house for our national team players is another development on the list.”

“I want to initiate the same kind of change here that I witnessed when I visited the tennis federations in Ghana and Nigeria. I would like coaches from our federation to be sent there for training. Even though some of our instructors are equally qualified, we still need to establish a rapport with them.”

As a businessman, the president of the Liberian Tennis Organization has also declared that he will collaborate with the corporate sector to look for sponsorship in order to help generate at least one million US dollars, which will allow them to restructure the organization.

“You understand that the federation was operating without valid leadership for nearly a decade, so everyone was doing what they could, and we can’t hold them accountable. However, after the induction, we establish a schedule of events for league hosting and coach training, among other things.”

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

Contact: +231776687195

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